Amtele work with a number of leading suppliers around the world.
We work in close cooperation with them all, some of which have
been with us for over 20 years.
Information about our suppliers
along with links to their websites can be found below.


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Gyroscopes, tilt sensors, magnetometers (compass), accelerometer, wireless networks, school kits for laboratory and training purposes, and complete systems for the monitoring of ecological environments, such as Agriculture.

Additel Corp.

Additel Corporation is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools. We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process and calibration industries.


Accelerometers, Tiltmeters and Gyros

Conax Technologies Inc

Temperature sensors.

CS Instruments

Flow measurement of compressed air and gases


Loadcells, torque transducers and rpm torque meters

Diversified Technical Sytems Inc.

DTS specializes in ultra-small data acquisition systems and sensors featuring high sampling rates, durable enclosures for high impact testing, scalable channel and system configurations and wireless options. Applications include automotive, biomechanics, in-dummy, military and blast testing.


High performance pressure transducers, process transmitters, indicators, portable calibrators, controllers and standards for test and calibration of pressure. Aviation ground support equipment.

Flow Technology Inc.

High-accuracy turbine and positive displacement flowmeters. Advanced controls and electronics. Flowmeter calibrators, bell provers and portable flow transfer standards.

Furness Controls Ltd.

Micromanometers, transducers, transmitters and calibrators for ultra low differential and gauge pressures. Leak detectors and flow meters for production line testing.

Isotech Ltd.

Primary temperature standards, Fixed-point systems, constant temperature baths and dry-wells. Software for completely integrated and automated calibration systems.

Kaman Precision Products Measuring & Memory

Non-contact position measurement systems. Extreme environment sensors.


Kambic offers calibration baths and climate chambers for temperature and humidity. For 30 years, Kambic has worked with deisgn, manufacturing and validation of metrological equipment for the leading calibration labs.

mg-sensor GmbH

mg-sensor develop and manufactur sensors for automative, machine building, textile and pharmaceutic industri. The standard product line includes strain-gauge sensors for crash dummies, seat belt load cells and current pulse sensor. mg-sensor can also help you with custom design sensors to resonable prices and leadtimes.


Pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure switches for OEM and industrial appications.

Pressure Systems (TE Sensor Solutions)

High speed pressure scanning systems for wind tunnel research and turbine testing. Intelligent data acquisition modules.

Silicon Sensing

Gyroscopes and inertial systems engineering, development and manufacturing

Solartron Metrology Ltd.

LVDT transducers, digital and analogue gauging probes, linear encoders.

Titan Enterprises Ltd.

Supplier of flowmeters.

Trigas DM

As a specialist in flow measurement technology, TrigasDM supplies high-quality measuring instruments, electronics and calibrators for liquids and gases.

Trigas FI GmbH

Accredited calibration services for gas and liquid flowmeters.