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Sensors and instruments for measuring and calibration . If you are looking for precision transducers for your product, test equipment or instrumentation for your maintenance, we can help you.

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Stefan Ahlbom

I work with Sales Test & Measurement at our office in Finland. I am also workning with water analysis. 

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Magnus Olsson

I am sales manager at Amtele Engineering and am responsible for our sales, our suppliers and key customers. I also handle sales of Atlas Copco's vacuum pumps.


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NEWS - The favorite within Pressure

The new DPI705E replaces the DPI705 and more. The instrument has a low power design and can be used 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for a year without battery change (4 x AA Alkaline). Medical technology departments, car repair shops, gas grids, leakage testing in tanks, leak detection in telecommunication lines are just a few examples of industries that have great use of this instrument.

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