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Sensors and instruments for measuring and calibration . If you are looking for precision transducers for your product, test equipment or instrumentation for your maintenance, we can help you.

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Tomas Lager

I work with Sales Test & Measurement to our Swedish costumers south of Linköping. 

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Stefan Ahlbom

I work with Sales Test & Measurement at our office in Finland. I am also workning with water analysis. 

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Anton Larsson

 I work with Sales water analysis and level measurement to our costumers north of Linköping. 

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Additel's 680 series digital pressure gauges provide an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for a wide range of pressure applications.

Now available up to 4200 bar!

The ADT680 series gauges are loaded with functionality and remarkably easy to use. With data logging and wireless features, the 680W gauge can store pressure measurement data in the internal memory or display them on PC through wireless communication.

See the film about ADT680 here!

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