Join In-Situ´s Spring Webinar Series

In this time of social distancing, webinars are a great way to access helpful information and tools to make your job easier and improve project outcomes.

We’ve put together a series of six webinars on varying topics rich with material you can use right now. Check out the schedule below.

Making Sense of Your HAB Data
Thursday, April 9

Join harmful algal bloom (HAB) expert Eric Robinson for a succinct and practical mini-course on fluorometer technology and how to make the best use of the data you collect.



What You Need To Know About Water Level Measurement With A Pressure Sensor
Friday, April 17

Hydrogeologist Adam Hobson will look at how water level measurements are made with a pressure sensor and how to interpret the data for best results.



Best In Class: Why More Teachers are Bringing Instrumentation Into the Classroom
Friday, April 24

University professors discuss how they’ve successfully designed courses to give their students real-world experience in surface water and groundwater monitoring.



Cost-Effective Flow Monitoring For Agriculture
Friday, May 1

Water shortages and increased regulation have put irrigation flow monitoring top of mind for many farmers and irrigation district managers. This webinar will examine a range of flow-measuring technologies and look at the practical considerations and relative costs for each.



Are You Giving Your pH Data the Attention It Deserves?
Friday, May 8

Collecting pH data and making sense of it aren’t necessarily the same thing. Take a deep dive into understanding how pH sensors work, why the data is important, and how to get the most out of yours.



How to Make Low-Flow Groundwater Purging Easy, Affordable and Reliable
Friday, May 15

We’ll review the basics of low-flow purging and demonstrate how the free VuSitu mobile app for iOS and Android can make this method the easiest, most cost-effective, and most reliable way to get your data.



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See you on the different webinars!