Aqua TROLL 100

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Stefan Ahlbom

I work with Sales Test & Measurement at our office in Finland. I am also workning with water analysis. 

+358 46 850 64 22

Aqua TROLL 100

The Aqua TROLL 100 Data Logger measures and records conductivity and temperature. Titanium construction resists corrosion, ideal for coastal, remediation and mine water monitoring


Fits your deployment – Compact design fits narrow diameter wells.

Protect your data and your equipment – Solid titanium construction outlasts specially coated data loggers, even in harsh environments.

Simplify project setup and control – Open communications protocols easily integrate with existing telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services, plus get 24/7 data and automatic event alerts.

Streamline data collection and analysis – Powerful software with special logging modes automates water level corrections, post-processing, report generation and data export.

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