Amtele new sales channel for Furness Controls in Sweden


From August 2016 Furness Controls has appointed Amtele as a distributor of all their products in Sweden.
We at Amtele look forward to meet all old and new customers and support them in the same way we do with all our customers today.

Furness Controls was founded in 1966 by Mr J.T. Furness to manufacture ultra low range differential pressure measuring instruments based on technology developed from low frequency microphones produced in the 1940's. Measurements down to 0.01 Pa became possible with electronic measuring systems for the first time. The company quickly developed a range of micromanometers, differential pressure transducers and transmitters followed by pressure decay leak detectors with un-paralleled sensitivity. The product range includes flow measuring devices such as pitot static tubes and laminar flow elements. These compliment the differential pressure instruments and add greatly to the performance of existing products thereby increasing the range of applications which can be solved.