Service and Calibration

Amtele offers the complete solution for calibration of your devices.

Calibration of meters and products is extremely important to ensure value and quality. We take care of the entire calibration flow so you can focus your time on what you are best at.

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Why you should allow Amtele to handle your calibration?

We handle all administration for your calibration so it will not be time consuming, difficult and costly.

We will give you a price and delivery time on your calibration devices within 48h.

Sign an agreement and we will know when it's time for new calibration and send you an reminder. Smoothly and easy.

Services that are included

  • Function control
  • Calibration
  • Adjustment & Follow-up inspections

Personal Calibration Advisor

Amtele offers a unique personal calibration expert who knows you and your calibration needs. You can always call or email directly to your personal contact to discuss just your instrument or donor. Included in all our service agreements.

Traceability and safety

Instruments or sensors that are calibrated are unique with their own serial number. This serial number is registered in Amteles database and becomes searchable. Calibration results and certificates can easily be tracked through the serial number. Amtele saves the calibration protocol for 6 years.


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Managing calibration is both important and demanding. In some cases also statutory. We have a management that will allow you to avoid any administration so you can sleep peacefully during the nights.

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