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Some of our longest customer relations will be found in the automotive sector. Amtele supply transducers, instruments, data acquisition systems and calibration equipment to the entire industry including engine test, on vehicle test, wind tunnels, crash test, production test, calibration lab, R&D etc. Microwave components for active safety systems are also a part of our business. We also handle calibration of your sensors and instruments, read more under Calibration Services.

See how our components are used in reasearch and development and for wireless communications below.

Research & Development

When producing the optimal driving experience and safe vehicles for the future, we supply a wide range of accelerometers for all types wagon tests and crash tests. ASC Sensors sensors can be used in research and development of automotive comfort and safety for active and passive driving saftey. Read more here.


Today's vehicles contain a large amount of advanced electronics and require secure control systems with high precision. By Knowles Capacitors, we provide high-quality MLC capacitors and surface mount EMI filters designed to meet automotive industry's high standards of performance and accuracy. Read more here.



Manufacturing plants

In automotive engine plants, crankshafts are built with high precision in an oily, humid and abrasive environment. All key dimensions, especially the diameters, must be checked quickly and measurement data logged for customer review. However, the gauges can be damaged and dropped by operators, so sensors that can be repaired or replaced and bought back online must be available.

By Solartron Metrology, we have the opportunity to meet these requirements with robust sensors, easy to install, high endurance and low maintenance costs. Read more about Solartron Metorology sensors here.




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